Joaquin Phoenix Movie: Documentary or Mockumentary?


Joaquin Phoenix has not, to my knowledge, made rap-music history since retiring from acting. On top of which, it's not interesting to ponder the psychology of a meltdown. Anyone can throw his or her life away any time. All you have to do is say "screw it" and go home and flop down on the couch. So, no offense, but screw this movie, whatever it is.

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Casey Affleck's I'm Still Here -- a doc about Phoenix's meltdown (or put-on meltdown) -- will either open theatrically via Magnolia on 9.10.10 after debuting at the Venice Film Festival or...whatever, go straight to DVD. I'm open to either possibility.

A 5.7.10 L.A. Times story by John Hornreported that the film features "more male frontal nudity than you'd find in some gay porn films and a stomach-turning sequence in which someone feuding with Phoenix defecates on the actor while he's asleep". Film buyers were reportedly uncertain whether it was a serious documentary or a mockumentary.

I would much rather than see a full-on mockumentary with Phoenix portrayed by Ben Stiller, continuing in the vein of that hilarious Phoenix bit he did on the '09 Oscar telecast.


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