Should Cell Phone Use be Allowed in Movie Theaters?

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We've all heard the warning before watching a movie in a theater -- please turn off your cell phones or beepers (as if anyone carries a beeper anymore). But is it time to relax this rule?

A new survey by The Hollywood Reporter and Penn Schoen Berland found that a majority of people 18-to-34 years old want to be able to use cell phones during a movie, saying it would enhance their experience. They could use Twitter and Facebook to send messages about what they are seeing, just like they do when they watch television at home or when they are doing just about anything.

"Millennials want their public moviegoing experience to replicate their own private media experiences," said pollster Jon Penn. "Having dedicated social-media-friendly seats, or even entire theaters, can make the moviegoing experience more relevant and enjoyable for them."

Of people who ignore the rule and use their phones anyway, 55% text, 27% go on Facebook and 19% make phone calls.

However 75% of social network users between the age of 13 and 49 say allowing cell phone use in a movie theater would be a distraction.

What do you think -- should cell phone use be allowed in movie theaters?


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