Shocker: Middle School Students Saying 'Hump Daay' To Death At School


Being a middle school teacher must be one of the worst jobs in the world.

To this day, I still feel terrible when I think back to how my friends and I acted at that age.

So what’s the only thing worse than middle schoolers? Middle schoolers equipped with obnoxious Geico commercials.

Huuump daaaaaaaa….alright never mind.

Apparently the now-infamous hump day chant from the friendly Geico camel is so pervasive at a Connecticut middle school that it’s become disruptive.

“Everybody’s walking around in the hallways and saying ‘It’s Hump Day’ in that weird voice,” said student Brooke Lewis, an anti-hump day activist. "Sometimes it’s the counting down to when it is.”

Parents are aware of the problem as well.

"OK, that's getting out of hand," said Mick Ruggiero, of Vernon. "Just keep it to Wednesdays and we'll be all right."

Hey, it could be worse. The whole hump day thing isn’t so bad. Coming from the right person it can even be a little bit funny. At least people aren’t still running around doing the back-and-forth “Bud….wei….ser” stuff.

Source: CBS


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