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Oprah's Jaw Drops: Shirley MacLaine had Sex with 3 Guys in 1 Day

Shirley MacLaine is a funny woman. I have to admit I love her. Much like her brother, Warren Beatty, Shirley has some sexual tales of her own to spill and she did some spilling on Oprah.

In an appearance on her show, Shirley said that although she was a serial monogamist, there was one time she was traveling with a political campaign and everyone was having sex with each other so she decided to have a little fun. "I wasn't into sexcapades, although I tried it once. I had three people in one day."

Oprah's mouth almost hit the floor. Apparently Shirley had a guy for breakfast lunch and dinner. She said it was the only time she did something like that.

She also said she never had sex with Jack Nicholson because he was way too dangerous for her. I can see that. So, now the question is who were the three guys? Was one a Kennedy?


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