Shia LeBouf vs. Tom Hardy


I need someone to tell me what is going on in this pic (below). Are they about to come to blows right there on the red carpet?? Is Shia telling Tom his is cat is on the roof*? It looks both oddly inappropriate and strangely compelling. I’m not a huge Shia LaBeouf fan, but I have to say, these pics from the Lawless premiere at Cannes are the best I’ve ever seen.

I hope you’re not tired of hearing about this movie yet, but when I find pretty pictures of pretty people promoting flicks that we’ve been talking about (and that I’m especially interested in, let’s be honest) I have to post them.   

Tom Hardy and Shia LaBeouf, despite the surly expressions, cleaned up well. I like Shia’s longer hair and Hardy’s beard is growing on me. (I’m surprised there isn’t a tumblr called “Tom Hardy’s Beard” yet.) Even the always gorgeous Guy Pearce was sporting facial hair, albeit he just looked like he didn’t feel like shaving that day. I don’t blame him. I don’t think I’d like having to drag a razor across my face every day to satisfy social convention. I applaud men who don’t.

Mia Wasikowska and Jessica Chastain looked beautiful. Chastain, as I may have mentioned before, is my new girl-crush. And so far, she seems to be owning Cannes. She has two movies screening at the fest, Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted as well as the in-competition Lawless and she’s been a fixture at the glamorous parties, like the Haiti benefit Friday night.  She always looks bright-eyed and fabulous, impeccably dressed and smiling like she’s just having the time of her life (and let’s face it, she probably is). She was the only one who looked like they were having any fun at the Lawless photocall on Saturday morning.


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