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Shia LaBeouf Releases More Alec Baldwin E-Mails

For anyone not following the Shia LaBooof Tries to Make Alec Baldwin Look Like an Arsehole by Publishing his Emails story, here are the main points:

Shia quits Broadway play called Orphans he was in with Alec Baldwin.
Shia publishes emails the other cast members and the director sent him upon his departure, including his own hugely pretentious resignation letter which later turned out to be plagiarised.
Alec Baldwin responds by giving an interview to Vulture saying Shia wasn't cut out for the theatre.

Which brings us to now.

As you might imagine, Shia wasn't just going to let that last attack lie, so as a retaliation he published more private emails from Alec, this time bringing Ophans director Dan Sullivan back into the fray:

So, to recap, Shia LaBooof is a hustler and Alec Baldwin is tired. This was then followed up by another twittered email screenshot which is unfortunately too wide for our site (rendering it unreadable) so we'll just tell you what it said:

From: Sulyboy
Subject: One other thing
Date: Feburary 10, 2013
To:shia labeouf

Don’t be too surprised if Alec doesn’t look up from his script much for the first few days. I suspect he’s not nearly as prepared as you are. Not unusual at all when actors have a good long rehearsal time like we have. I just don’t want it to throw you. I did a reading of another play once with Alec and about 10 minutes in I thought, ‘Oh, I guess he’s just going to read it.’


The whole thing is a bit weird. Wonder whether it'll f*ck Shia LaBoeuf's career like calling Michael Bay Hitler did for Megan Fox? Hope so.


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