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Shia LaBeouf Headbutts Man in London Pub (Video)

Despite his attempt to retire from public life, Shia LaBeouf was caught on camera Thursday night head-butting a drunken man at a South London pub.

“What’d you say about my girl’s mom?” LaBeouf screamed at the man, who was obviously too intoxicated to speak. “Are you f******g kidding me bro?”

As LaBeouf head-butted the man, two women attempted to pull him away, one crying out the star’s name.

Another woman begged the man not to be sarcastic or play smart.

It’s unclear what comment the inebriated man made to spark LaBeouf, though the “Transformers” star has a history of initiating bar fights, including one fight at the same London pub and another in Vancouver.

The fight comes less than a week after LaBeouf announced his retirement from public life via Twitter, after he was accused of copying whole passages from a graphic novel to create his short film

“In light of the recent attacks against my artistic integrity," LaBeouf tweeted, "I am retiring from all public life."

The allegations led to a verbal jab from Jim Carrey during the Golden Globe Awards, who purposefully misquoted LaBeouf to make a point of plagiarism.

Sources: NY Daily News, TMZ


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