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Sherri Shepherd: Whoopi Goldberg Can Use "N-Word," Not Barbara Walters

On 'The View,'  the co-hosts discussed a Washington Post story about a rock -- with the word "Niggerhead" written on it -- at the gated entrance of a hunting camp leased and frequented by Texas Gov. Rick Perry and his father.

Host Barbara Walters used the "n-word" while explaining the story, causing co-host Sherri Shepherd to take offense. Shepherd said she didn't like the way Barbara Walters said it, but was okay with Whoopi Goldberg using it.

Shepherd said: "When I heard you (Whoopi) say it, it was fine. You said it a different way. When I heard you (Barbara) say it, I didn't like the way you said it. Because when you say it, you say (inaudible). And I don't like (inaudible)."

This left Barbara Walters confused and wanting to know the proper way to say the "n-word." However, Shepherd told Walters there is no right way for her to say it. Walters said the "n-word" once in the segment while Whoopi Goldberg used the word nearly a dozen times.


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