Before She was Famous Video: Lady Gaga Gets Tattoo from Kat Von D.


A video (below) has surfaced of Lady Gaga getting a tattoo from reality star Kat Von D. back in 2008. The footage was shot in Los Angeles prior to Gaga releasing her début album 'The Fame.' The then-unknown Gaga arrived for her tattoo wearing tight blue pants, a long blonde wig and oversized sunglasses.

Kat, whose reality show 'LA Ink' had begun the year before, engages in a little small talk with Gaga before the procedure: "I love your pants."

"I’m a singer and also a songwriter for other artists," Gaga tells Kat. "I worked with New Kids on the Block last night, it was rad."

Kat then gives Gaga a tattoo, some entwined roses, on her lower back. After the tattoo is complete, Gaga says: "'That looks great, I love it. It's really elegant. The lines are perfect and the designs. Your tattoos are beautiful."

Gaga than talks about her family in New York and their distaste for her tattoos: "When I got the first one, they had a heart attack. Then I had a heart attack because I felt bad for not telling them I was going to do it. We're really close"


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