Pictures of Sharon Stone: Still Sexy at 52


Okay, so here we have Total Recall and Basic Instinct babe Sharon Stone posing for the June 2010 issue of More magazine. Now, all Celebrity Hot Sauce wants to say here is this: holy s**t! This is one crazy sexy 52-year-old babe!

That's right, this woman right here, the one showing off the world-class boobies and stunningly hot legs, is fifty-freaking-two years old. Annnnd is not a plastic surgery creation, either. Nope, in fact, the one bit she did do - a lip plump that she says made her look "like a trout" - she totally regrets. She says she was feeling low after her 2004 divorce, so, in a moment of weakness, went under the knife.

Well, I dunno about you, but I still totally would like to get with Sharon. Totally would. Yummmmmmm. (I mean, as long as she doesn't ever make Basic Instinct 3. Ever.)

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