Ozzy Osbourne Sexts With Wife Sharon

Sharon Osbourne says that she was shocked once she started receiving sexy text messages from her rocker husband, Ozzy.

The twosome are currently working in different continents while he performs during festivals in Europe and she’s in the States, so she was surprised to receive saucy text messages from him. She thought that someone had stolen his phone!

She said, “He’s gorgeous. He’s in Europe. He’s doing all the summer festivals this year in Europe, he’s very busy. It’s good now because he’s texting. So we’re texting each other all the time. I got a text from Ozzy yesterday and I’m like, ‘Jesus, somebody’s stolen his phone.’ Because I thought somebody found his phone and they were texting me dirty messages. And Silvana, my assistant, goes, ‘Oh my god, Ozzy’s just sent you this really dirty text.’ And I’m like, ‘Well it’s not him, somebody must have stolen his phone, he can’t text.’ But it was him.”

Too funny. I have to wonder what was so dirty that he sent her? Someone needs to find out what dirty text messages the Prince Of Darkness is sending. Aren’t you curious?


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