Sharon Osbourne Slams Controversial Marie Claire "Fatties" Article

After host Julie Chen read an excerpt from the controversial Marie Claire online blog post, “Should ‘Fatties’ Get A Room? (Even on TV?),” during today’s broadcast of THE TALK, an outraged Sharon Osbourne responded,

“This woman [the author of the article] is a discredit to other women… I am now cancelling my subscription to the magazine…”

Osbourne continued, “I am so close to tears. If this woman was here I’d tell you she would get such a mouthful from me. People like this are adding to the problem that we have today with our kids, boys and girls, about being anorexic, having low self-esteem. How dare she.” 

Osbourne’s powerful reaction to the story continued,

“I’m 30 pounds overweight right now. Should I not be allowed to kiss my husband? Or my children or walk across a room? This is no better than Nazi Germany saying that everybody should be tall, slim, blonde with blue eyes. And that’s the way I feel. How dare they.”

I am with Sharon Osbourne on this one. Marie Claire stepped over the line by allowing one of their writers to put people down for the way they look. This is exactly what we are trying to get away from.  What do you think about the article and Sharon’s reaction?


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