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Start Your Summer Diet by Getting Your Fridge in Shape

Whether you’re jetting off on a summer vacation, heading to town festivals or simply mowing the lawn, we all want to look our best this time of year. When you’re trying to shape up your diet, the best place to start is in your fridge.

Heidi Skolnik, MS, CDN, and FACN, has some top tips for giving your fridge a healthy makeover this summer.

* Make it accessible: Do you open your produce drawer feeling uninspired to grab those veggies because they’re not cut and washed? Make things easy on yourself and prepare these nutritional gems as soon as you bring them home. That way, when you’re looking to grab a snack on-the-go, you’re less tempted to reach for that candy bar.

* Nutrients in a glass: Be sure to keep a container of 100 percent orange juice in your fridge. Beneficial beyond the breakfast table, this delicious beverage contains vitamins and minerals that may help the body’s natural ability to support good health throughout life. In fact, just one 8-ounce glass counts as almost 25 percent of the USDA-recommended daily fruit and vegetable servings, based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

* Make smart swaps: There are several easy swaps you can make in your refrigerator to improve the nutritional value of your daily diet. For example, trade sour cream for plain yogurt. Choose low-fat dressings over the full-fat versions, and remove fruit juice cocktails or “drinks” and only buy 100 percent juice, such as 100 percent orange juice.


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