Shannon Tweed Walks Out on Gene Simmons During TV Interview


There’s been a buzz going around that KISS front man Gene Simmons and his longtime girlfriend Shannon Tweed are on the rocks – but is it true?

Simmons and Tweed have been on a media tour, promoting the premiere of the show’s fourth season, and everywhere they go, they seem to be having issues. Shannon Tweed claims to be “tired” of Gene Simmons’ philandering ways, and says she is ready to move onto another chapter in her life. But is it all for show? To boost ratings? I think so.

On tonight’s Joy Behar Show, Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed keep the façade up, pretending to be on the verge of a split, then showing clips of their new show. At the end, Shannon walks off the set, pretending to be mad, leaving Gene to chat with Joy. Ugh. It’s all just SO fake…just like Shannon’s lips. Dear lawd, girlfriend can’t even talk right her face is so tight. She sounds like she is slurring all the time.

I am pretty much over these two. I watched their show for the first two seasons, but I can’t stomach Gene’s narcissism and bragging, and Shannon’s “slurring” anymore. Anyhow, here’s the lame attempt at their publicity stunt:


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