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Shannon Price Made $5,000 for Gary Coleman Deathbed Pictures

Globe Magazine bought the Gary Coleman deathbed photos. They didn't actually buy the one after he died, just the ones of him in his hospital bed in a coma. They bought the pictures for $10,000, and Shannon Price's cut is about $5,000. So, for a measly 5K, she sold her soul to the devil.

The more I read over her 911 transcript and some of the other things for which she has been arrested, and the inconsistencies in her stories about under what circumstances Gary fell, make me think it is more and more likely that she knows way more than she is telling.

The sad part is she will probably get away with not revealing it all, and has made money off it too. Oh, and she has been taking all of the stuff from the house too. Probably going to have some kind of death garage sale.

Globe Magazine sucks for buying the pictures, but it will probably be the biggest-selling issue they have ever had. It isn't like the people who regularly buy Globe are going to stop.

I mean, they love deathbed photos. To this day, The National Enquirer's best selling issue is not their Pulitzer Prize nominated issue or their coverage on OJ, but rather their issue with Elvis dead right on the cover. They sold so many copies, they did three press runs.


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