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Shannon Price Claims Gary Coleman's Will Left Her Everything

Shannon Price filed a will in a Utah court yesterday which says that Gary Coleman left her everything. The will, which was handwritten and not notarized, was allegedly written about a week after the couple got married. At the bottom of the will, Gary or someone pretending to be Gary wrote, "This I have done because of my own personal selfishness and weakness and I love her with all my heart." Does that even make sense? He is leaving her everything because of his own personal selfishness? The will was not witnessed or notarized. I imagine this whole thing is going to go to trial. In California, a holographic will like this would supersede the 1999 will that Gary's ex manager deposited with the court previously, as long as it was signed by Gary and dated, or a date could be established.

I would imagine there will be some type of trial and a handwriting expert brought in to decide if it is Gary's writing on the will. I can just see her standing over him making him write the will, and then putting it in a place where he could never get it back. She is such an evil person that I cannot imagine Gary would want her to have everything.


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