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Gary Coleman's Ex-Wife Shannon Price "Pure Evil"

It has been a while since I had a really good rant, but I think Shannon Price is deserving of one. Yes, I already wrote about her horrible self once today, but that was before I read that she is behind the death photos being currently offered for sale. That's right, she is selling death photos of Gary Coleman. Actually photos leading up to and at the time of his death.

Now, if this was not bad enough on its own, it gets way, way worse. This self-serving b*tch actually called a production company while she was in the hospital with Gary. That's right. Instead of caring for the guy that took care of her worthless ass for the past few years, she was making phone calls to photographers, so the death photos of Gary could look more professional. She had them come into his hospital room where he lay dying, just so she could make a buck or two after he died.

Apparently, she is in one of the photos. It probably shows her with a bunch of fake-ass crocodile tears. The other ones, where she is grinning from ear to ear about the gold mine she is making, are probably missing. Who in the hell thinks about making a buck while someone you were married to is there dying next to you? Hell, even if you were not married to the person, who does that? Also, what kind of production company agrees to something like this? Where the hell are their morals and ethics?

Shannon supposedly wants mid-five figures for the set of photos. I hope she gets absolutely nothing and ends up homeless pushing a shopping cart for the rest of her life. Of course that isn't reality, and some tabloid has already purchased three of the four photos, but not the death photo. Apparently, that one costs more. This woman is pure evil.


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