Shameful: Site Posts Erin Andrews Nude Peep Hole Photos

ESPN reporter Erin Andrews was wrong if she thought that hotel peep hole scandal was behind her -- a particularly nasty Web site has posted the nude photos, practically daring Andrews to sue.

The site, appropriately named The Dirty, posted more than a dozen of the illegally-snapped photos. The web master, Nik Richie, even added this note:

"Erin Andrews, can you ask your lawyers if this is the post they want me to take down because I am confused? Welcome back to reality… your fault.- nik"

Ah, so now it is Andrews' fault that she was in the privacy of her hotel room when some creep took photos of her through a peep hole. I guess his 30-month prison term was unjustified as well.

Andrews fought hard to make sure the photos and videos were eradicated from the Internet. Well, it appears she has at least one more battle on her hands.


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