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Sexy 'Project Runway' Billboard Banned In Los Angeles, New Version Allowed

Los Angeles is pretty tolerant of shocking signs and images in public, but a new billboard promoting the Lifetime reality series “Project Runway” and its 12th season was too much even for the City of Angels.

The billboard depicts Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn being worshipped by a group of nude models at their feet, notes Entertainment Weekly.

Lifetime told Variety that the racy image would not be on display in Los Angeles because of the nudity.

It's not clear if the Los Angeles’ Department of Building and Safety banned the billboard, or if the billboard owners refused to run it.

According to, the billboard did make it up on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, but some of the nude model's behinds appear to be cropped out and underwear was added to one woman.

There was no mention of the overbearing hegemony of the billboard, showing the cultural dominance by Klum and Gunn over the young women and men.

Sources: Instagram,, Entertainment Weekly, Variety


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