Sex Toy Company Offers Lindsay Lohan $1 Million for Genital Mold

Actress Lindsay Lohan’s recent naked photoshoot seems to be opening doors…if she wants to cross over into porn!

Lindsay Lohan recently posed naked for Playboy magazine for $1 million and now a sex toy company wants a piece of the actress!

The adult toy company has offered the troubled actress $1 million to add her to their line of sex toys.

Fleshlight, who has made molds of tons of (NSFW link) popular porn stars, now wants to make a mold of Lohan’s va-jay-jay to sell an authentic sex toy of the actress.

But will Lindsay actually do it?

A source close to Lindsay doesn’t think she will accept the deal, stating, “She would never accept such an offer for any amount of money.”

FleshLight reps have sent an offer letter to Lohan’s camp but have yet to receive a response.

We wonder if it would be a truly authentic version of “fire crotch”, including freckles and all!  That’s just nasty!


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