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Ouch: Sex and the City 2 Gets Scathing Reviews

According to critics, the second film installment of Sex and the City should be re-titled “Sex and the City: Dry Lady Parts Take Abu Dhabi” or “Sex and the City: Nearly 3 Hours Reheated Puns.” Most reviews have left no insult unwritten and miss the fact the film is aimed at housewives who want mindless escapism, fashion one could only dream of and to pretend that life full of humping hot men while juggling a career that stirs envy is possible. It’s about style and not substance.

The trailer:

NY Mag: “The most depressing thing about Sex and the City 2 is that it seems to justify every nasty thing said and written about the series and first feature film.”

New York Observer: “It is to movies what fried dough is to nutrition. When all this greed pays off with millions in box office receipts, the hacks responsible for Sex and the City 2 will say, “I told you so.” But that won’t make the movie any better. You can’t make caviar out of jujubes.”

NY Daily News: “It’s over the top, and over the rainbow. But just like Carrie’s worries about the “sparkle” leaving her marriage, this movie is like once-brilliant Champagne, carelessly left out overnight. And gone flat.”

Well, movies aren’t always about stirring a revolution, changing mankind or impacting our culture. Just look at Twilight films. The sound of cash register is far more attractive. Have you gotten a golden ticket and seen the movie? What do you think?


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