Sex and the City 2: The Worst Movie Ever?


Sooo last week Celebrity Hot Sauce was cool enough to warn you about how watching Sex and the City 2 causes cancer - but as it turns out it's even worse than I thought! Yup, watching this crapfest actually will cause your head to explode, your body to burst into flames and everyone you've ever known or ever met to drop dead instantly. It's true! They held the premiere last night and a batch of reviews are in and... well... this might just be the WORST MOVIE EVER MADE. Rotten Tomatoes, the definitive source for tabulating movie reviews currently scores the thing at: 00%. You read that right ZERO PERCENT. To put that in perspective consider:

Gigli = 6%
Battlefield Earth = 2%
Ishtar = 19%
Showgirls = 14%
Mars Needs Women = 00%

So - the only film with as low a score as SATC2 is Mars Needs Women -- and that one had a budget of $1.50 -- whereas this one had a budget of 10.5 Buckets of Oats for Sarah Horseface and an additional $35 Bazillion for the duct tape, staples and elastic bands needed to hold the rest of the ancient crones together. You have been warned!!!!!


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