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Seth Rogan, James Franco Parody Kanye West's 'Bound 2' (Video)

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Comedians James Franco and Seth Rogen took a shot at parodying the already comical Kanye West “Bound 2” video, and managed to recreate each shot exactly.

Franco played West’s part, and a shirtless Rogen played Kim Kardashian’s part.

During the majority of the video, Franco rides a motorcycle with a serious look on his face, despite the poorly produced graphics of the original video in the background. He also wore a tie-dyed shirt similar to the one West wore in the original video.

Rogen, who unashamedly performed topless and showed off his hairy back, spent the majority of the video gazing at the camera in headshots or posing on the motorcycle.

West has yet to comment on the parody, though Kardashian received it with a sense of humor.

"You nailed it!!!" she tweeted. "Sooo funny!"

The video is an unsurprising product from the two considering their recent work with other pop culture parodies, including their film This is the End, in which they played themselves facing an apocalypse.

The comedic duo can be see again in The Interview, which is currently in production.

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