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Seth Myers Gets Advice From Martha Stewart

On the Wednesday, February 8th edition of Hallmark Channel’s “The Martha Stewart Show” (airs weekdays at 10 AM ET/9 AM C – same day encore airing, 2 PM ET/next day airing, 1 PM ET), the very funny Seth Meyers from “Saturday Night Live” (Weekend Update), stops by and receives some VERY surprising Valentine’s Day advice from Martha Stewart. In between mixing up some delicious cocktails sure to impress his long-time girl friend, Seth learns how to craft a scratch-off Valentine for the other special lady in his life…Martha Stewart!

Seth was shocked to learn that according to Martha, the woman should always pay the bill on Valentine’s Day and that the men are in charge of buying the perfect gift–like yellow diamonds of course! And last but not least, Martha receives an unexpected message in her Valentine from Seth.

Photo credit: Rob Tannenbaum/The Martha Stewart Show.

Martha’s advice on Valentine’s Day plans:
Martha: The bill should never go to the guy.
Seth: No? What? Wait?
Martha: No. Not for Valentine’s Day.
Seth: Wait, the woman is supposed to pay for Valentine’s Day?
Martha: Absolutely!
Seth: I don’t know a thing about Valentine’s Day [laughs]
Martha: No you don’t. [laughs]
Seth: This is great…She’s going to be so mad I came here.
Martha: No she’s not!
Seth: Well I’m going to say here here’s what I found out from Martha…you make the plans but wait there’s more…you pay for it! [laughs]

Martha’s idea of the perfect Valentine’s Day present:
Martha: Are you a cheap date?
Seth: No. I’m not a cheap date at all.
Martha: Good. Good. Don’t be…and buy her a really great present.
Seth: I’ve never been a cheap date.
Martha: You spend the money on the present…she’ll spend the money on the night.
Seth: Ok gotcha. Do you have any great ideas for a present?
Martha: Yellow diamonds are really nice
Seth: Yellow diamonds?
Martha: Yes.
Seth: Now I’m regretting this… she gets off easy having to pay for dinner [laughs]
Seth: There’s a diamond I’ve never heard about…[laughs]

Martha on how a heart shaped puncher is a common household item:
Martha: You just need a few household items here like freezer paper.
Seth: Nothing here is in my household…just putting it out there.
Martha: Packing tape?
Seth: Oh yes of course. I remember exactly where that is.
Martha: Really?
Seth: No… I don’t have any of this stuff.
Martha: Ok and some card stock.
Seth: Right. Yes and we all have the household heart punch [laughs].
Martha: Yes, the heart punch.
Seth: Just don’t call them common everyday household items…it makes me feel bad.
Martha: How many of you have freezer paper? [references the studio audience]
Studio Audience: [cheers]
Seth: How many of you have a heart punch? [references the studio audience]
Studio Audience: [cheers]
Martha: [laughs]
Seth: What? Oh my god…it’s like being in outer space.


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