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Ed O’Neill: Jane Lynch Didn't Deserve “Glee” Emmy

Glee’s deliciously snarky Sue Sylvester is already one of television’s most classic characters, and only an actress with the comedic skills and timing of Jane Lynch would be able to pull her off each week.

Lynch deservedly won the Emmy for the role this year.

Now, inexplicably, Modern Family star Ed O’Neill has publicly stated in an interview with TV Guide Canada that Lynch did not deserve to win the prize.

“I love Jane, honestly I do,” he said. “I’m dying to star in one of Christopher Guest’s movies alongside her, but I don’t think she should have gotten the Emmy for that part. (Sue Sylvester) is just a one-note character.”

What is this? Another Kanye West vs. Taylor Swift?

Not only is it not true (we see more and more sides to Sue each week), but it is such a tacky thing to say.

Of course O’Neill thinks the Emmy should have gone to co-star Sofia Vergara who plays his on-screen wife: “Sofia is just so, so funny. I don’t think people realize how hilarious she is. She’s so sharp with her wit, it’s amazing.”

Vergara is terrific, and was nominated along with another Modern Family co-star, Julie Bowen. But my hunch is, she might wish Ed had just kept his mouth shut!

No comment from Jane Lynch, yet but Sue Sylvester would make minced meat out of the former Al Bundy!

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