Selma Blair Breaks Up with Baby Daddy Jason Bleick


The relationship was in trouble before Selma Blair got pregnant, but when she did, she and Jason Bleick held it together and thought the baby would change everything about their relationship and that things would be amazing. Nope. Just a little over a year after their son was born, the couple announced they have split, but of course remain the best of friends and will work together to support their son.

Selma and her son moved out and Jason has tried to see his son but has not been very consistent in doing so and I think that was one of the issues that plagued the couple. The other was they don't really like each other anymore and Selma has also made it known that she needs to work and make money and the baby/work thing is stressing her out. Welcome to the real world of most families. She should imagine having to work a real job or two of them and then come home and take care of the kids that some stranger has been watching for the past 12 hours while you and your partner worked.


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