Blood Pressure Problem Reason for Selena Gomez Hospitalization?


Being Justin Bieber‘s tonsil hockey partner must take its toll on a girl. Such a toll, in fact, that Selena Gomez was taken to hospital on Thursday after complaining of nausea and a severe headache.

Gomez was first rushed to hospital after taping an appearance on The Tonight Show, and was discharged only to be admitted again the following Saturday.

According to TMZ, the Wizards Of Waverly Place star underwent a series of tests for blood pressure issues, adding that doctors have yet to determine the cause of her ill-health.

However, an insider told Us Weekly the Disney star collapsed from a combination of food poisoning and exhaustion.

“Selena was nothing but professional. She did a backstage interview and hung out with Jim Carrey after the show,” a source said. “The Tonight Show people didn’t even know she wasn’t feeling well.”

Gomez’s boyfriend, teen sensation Justin Bieber, was said to be so concerned about his girlfriend’s health problems that he skipped watching the Stanley Cup finals at Vancouver’s Rogers Arena where he had reserved a block of seats.

He later tweeted his best wishes to Gomez. “#getwellselena,” he wrote.

Despite any beef Bieber fans have with Gomez, I hope they all join me in wishing Gomez a quick recovery! It’s never fun being sick, especially when the whole world is watching you.

P.S. And as for the rumours that Gomez is pregnant? “Totally untrue,” reports TMZ.


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