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Selena Gomez Not Happy 'Spring Breakers' Co-Star Ashley Benson is Dating James Franco

A lot has happened behind the scenes of the film Spring Breakers which was shot over the summer. In case you don't remember what the movie is about lets just say - do you remember all those photos of Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, and Ashley Benson in bikinis?... Yeah, that was Spring Breakers.

Well the latest report is that James Franco who is also in the film, started dating Ashley Benson.

The NY Post reported that the duo were seen together in New York, and days later in Los Angeles holding hands at a haunted hayride. But this is where it all gets exciting. See Benson was dating Ryan Good, a good friend of Gomez's boyfriend Justin Bieber.

It was Gomez that got Benson the part in the flick. Benson dumped Good for Franco and now everyone is upset at everyone... except Benson and Franco...


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