Selena Gomez Jealous of Miley Cyrus?


Gomez was said to be jealous and “furious” when she heard that her Canadian lover, Justin Bieber, was shooting an episode of Punk’d with the artist formerly known as “Hannah Montana.”  When Bieber heard of his gal-pal’s concerns, he shrugged it off.  This was the reason Gomez and Bieber broke up the first time, because Bieber still thought Punk’d was relevant, because Gomez thought Bieber kept choosing work over her.

An “inside source” revealed that Gomez is “repulsed” by Cyrus, so it makes sense why she would throw a tantrum after finding out that boyfriend was getting together to shoot a show that seven people would watch.

Recently, Gomez and Bieber broke it off a second time, and possibly for good, when she found Twitter photos of Bieber with Victoria’s Secret Models.

And, since Bieber is not the tallest fellow, you can imagine where his eyes rested most of the time.


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