Selena Gomez Curses, Storms Off Stage At Charity Concert


Frustrated with sound and technical problems, Selena Gomez cursed and stormed off stage Friday during the charity Jingle Ball concert event.

Gomez had previously discussed technical issues with the stage crew, though she became increasingly angry during the show when they did not fix the problem. It was apparent to many in the audience that Gomez was forced to lip sync because of the sound problems.

Gomez began by apologizing for the sound, asking the audience if they were having a good night.

“I promise a lot cooler people are gonna come out tonight,” Gomez said. “Is it okay if I perform two more songs and you guys can get to it?”

She performed her final song “Come and Get It”, and as the song came to an end witnesses reported that she clearly became upset and swore into the microphone. She dropped the microphone and stepped off the stage.

"She for sure said 'what the f**k,’” one concertgoer reported. “You could hear it crystal clear.”

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Sources: Inquisitir, The Huffington Post


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