Ricky Martin’s New Music Video Empowers Gay Community

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When Johnny Weir says things like being gay is the smallest part of “what makes me me,” it’s a big turn off for me (sorry Johnny Weir fans, but it is). Still, I’m glad he’s finally come out publicly and is no longer being coy and now we can all get on with our lives.

Ricky Martin is a different story.

He’s also a famous person who everyone assumed was gay but since he came out last year publicly, he’s really become a powerful voice and can influence how the world views gay people and how gay youths view themselves.

I think Ricky being gay is the most important part of him because he is mature enough to know that it influences all that he does and all that he is.

Ricky has already shared his thoughts so eloquently in his memoir Me and in various interviews he gave last fall. Now we get to see how being an openly gay man impacts his work as a musical artist with today’s release of the music video for his song The Best Thing About Me is You.

It’s about equality and it’s pretty gay.


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