Skid Row's Sebastian Bach Bites Bar Employee in Drunken Rage

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Apparently the staff at Riley's Old Towne Pub in Ontario are not big fans of Skid Row. Or maybe it is just that Sebastian Bach was being his usual a-hole self. Yeah, that is probably it. I mean, who doesn't like "I Remember You"? Anyway, Sebastian was drinking, got rude, and he was asked to leave. When he tried to take his wine glass with him, the staff said he would have to leave it. At that point, Sebastian went back to the old "throwing the wine glass at the door" thing. It shattered and the staff called the cops. Way back in the day, Sebastian threw a bottle at a girl at a concert.

As the staff held Sebastian, he decided he was hungry, so took a bite out of the manager's hand. Nice. Bach has been charged with assault, pot possession and mischief.


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