Stiffler in Rehab, But Commits to Next American Pie Movie


Seann William Scott is in rehab but still wants to do another American Pie

Seann William Scott’s publicist just announced yesterday that Scott is in rehab battling ”health and personal issues,” but we’re learning now that rehab won’t keep him from working.

Scott, 34, who is the one and only “Stiffler” in the movie, has negotiated a deal to play the partying womanizer once again. Both Jason Biggs and Eugene Levy have signed on as well.

Thomas Ian Nicholas, Jennifer Coolridge, Tara Reid, Chris Klein, and Mena Suvari are still working on reaching an agreement with the studios. (Chris Klein? Of course he is going to sign on. His career and reputation are in desperate need of it!)

Rehab reportedly won’t get in the way of Seann William Scott’s role, or filming, which starts on May 24th.


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