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Pop Singer Sean Kingston Accused of Sexual Assault

Police in Seattle were called to a hotel room Sunday night where Sean Kingston had been staying. According to TMZ, two women showed up at Kingston's hotel room, and they were drunk and had brought even more booze with them.

One woman said she had sex with Kingston, and then Sean went to a different room on the same floor of the hotel to go to sleep. Then, the woman who said she had sex with Sean had sex with two other men who were in the room, and the other woman also had sex with someone in the room.

The hotel says that an ambulance was called that night and that the two women, ages 19 and 20, were transported to the emergency room. The police originally wanted to interview Kingston, but determined later that he had nothing to do with anything and that no charges would be filed. Meanwhile, it sounds like the women already have a lawyer and are going to file a civil lawsuit.

You know I abhor sexual assault, and think it is one of the most hateful crimes imaginable. But at the same time, I also hate when false accusations of sexual assault are thrown around, because then it makes it that much more difficult to have real assault charges stick, or women to feel comfortable filing charges. To me, it sounds like the women just wanted to have sex with a famous guy, and if they could make a few bucks doing it, so much the better.


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