Sean Hannity, Anthony Weiner Battle it Out During Awkward Interview (Video)


What happens when you get an egomaniacal airhead whose declining ratings resulted in his network bumping his show to a different timeslot and an egomaniacal pervert who prioritizes his own ambitions above the reputation and dignity of his wife in one room? Viewers found out the answer to that question during a cringeworthy, stupid interview on Wednesday night.

For reasons unknown, Sean Hannity invited serial sexter and failed NYC mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner to be his guest last night. The interview opened with Hannity pressing Weiner about his sex scandal, a topic that that everyone stopped giving a you-know-what about months ago. Weiner replied that he’s there to talk about the issues, not his personal life – conveniently side-stepping the fact that his opinion ‘on the issues’ doesn’t matter anymore.

Almost immediately, the interview took a turn for the chaotic with Hannity accusing Weiner of angling for an MSNBC gig, and Weiner accusing Hannity of only having ‘patsies’ on his show. Both accusations are true, by the way.

You can view this entire trainwreck from start to finish in the video below.


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