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Singer Seal Says He’ll Never Cheat on Heidi Klum

Singer Seal says he understands why pro putter Tiger Woods swung his club at anything with a pulse, but is determined he’d never do the same to wife Heidi Klum.

Loved-up Seal told Britain’s Sunday Mirror: “It’s really unfortunate what happened to Tiger and Elin. But I’ll tell you how I feel about it. You’re Tiger Woods, right? You’re the first billionaire athlete, you very, very rarely, if at all, hear the word ‘no’. It doesn’t exist… I don’t condone it but I get why he did it…

“I do understand why people are tempted and I understand why people do it. Have I cheated before? Hell, yes! Not in my marriage, but in relationships before. And it’s not because I’m trying to be a good man or trying to resist temptation. I mean, I’m married to one of, if not the most wonderful woman in the world. She is everything – funny, attractive, hardworking, she has integrity, she loves me to bits.

“Honestly, if I was looking at myself and I cheated, then I’d just think, ‘Wow, how disappointing, I actually thought you were better than that.’”

Refreshing candor. Let’s hope it doesn’t come back to haunt you!


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