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Swearing: A Scientifically Proven Painkiller?

Cuz I have the mouth of a trucker some days, I don't need Vicodin now. Lead researcher Dr Richard Stephens said the results show that swearing can release pain-killing endorphins.

Researchers have found that swearing in such circumstances can act as a powerful painkiller – at least, for those who don’t normally use expletives.

For them, swearing in the face of genuine pain is up to four times more effective than it is for more regular swearers.

Swearing provokes an emotional response in the face of stress akin to the “flight and fight” response (how the body reacts to perceived threat or danger),’ he explained. 

But the study shows that if people really want to benefit from swearing they should save it up for when it really matters – and when they are in genuine pain.



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