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Scott Weiss Reveals How he Crashed Hollywood's Biggest Events: Oscars, Grammys, Emmys

One man has taken the movie “The Wedding Crashers” to a whole other level by making it his life and crashing star-studded parties and events instead of marital ceremonies.

Scott Weiss recently unveiled his bag of tricks, tricks which got him into the Oscars, Grammys and the Golden Globes.

He has been crashing events for quite some time, and filmed a documentary about his hobby called “Crasher” five years ago.

Now he explains that he was inspired by his father.

According to Weiss, his father took him to Star Trek conventions but never paid for a ticket. He somehow always found a way to get into the convention for free.

Weiss, 52, said his father told people, “I’m here to pick up my son,” and would “walk right in like he owned the place.”

“After awhile I thought, well jeez, if my dad can get in, why do I want to spend $25 for a ticket to just go in and shop?” he said.

When he grew tired of crashing conventions and other low-key events, Weiss hired the services of the host of a TV show called The Party Crasher in 1991. He paid him $2,000 to teach him “everything he needed to know.”

He practiced by crashing parties until he grew enough confidence to crash the Oscars. He said he told all of his friends he was going so he had to come up with a way to do it.

“I told everyone I know I’m going to the Oscars tonight, so I had to find a way in,” Weiss said.

Though these awards ceremonies are known for having strict security, Weiss made his way into the event and sat down in an empty seat in the auditorium.

Weiss sat in the first empty seat he saw, and when that person came to take the seat, he moved to another one. He kept doing this until he found one that was truly empty.

He told everyone about this story for years, until one of his friends told him to make a documentary about it.

He named it “Crasher.” The film followed him in 2007/2008 as he crashed shows like the Emmys, the Golden Globes, the SAG Awards, the Grammys, and the Oscars.

Weiss said they were able to succeed in crashing these parties because they photoshopped fake badges.

He started standing around the Kodak theatre a week before the 2008 Oscars, and would take photos with people with badges.

“We would take photos with people with badges, ‘Hey! Can we get a picture with you?’ BAM! We would get as high-definition a photo as possible,” Weiss said.

“Eventually, we were able to get enough photos that we were able to recreate in Photoshop a really good copy of the badge.”

He said many times the badge quality didn’t even matter because many security officials didn’t even ask to see them.

“You could have the highest tech security in the world and it comes down to the human element. You know, there were times throughout the movie where someone should have just stopped me and said, ‘Wait a minute. Who are you and why are you here?’”



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