Book: "Schwarzenegger Makes Tiger Woods Look Like Virgin Mary"

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s sexual exploits make Tiger Woods “look like the Virgin Mary”, according to the author of an unauthorised biography on the Terminator star.

Celebrity biographer Ian Halperin, who has also written books on Brangelina and Michael Jackson, dishes about Schwarzenegger’s alleged sexual exploits and steroid-addled bodybuilding past in The Governator: From Muscle Beach to His Quest for the White House, the Improbable Rise of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Halperin spoke to Moviefone about his new tell-all book. Check out some highlights from his interview below:

Why did you select Schwarzenegger as your next bio subject?
“I’ve had him on the radar for a while, but the fact is he’s tried to intimidate a lot of people over the years. He’s also tried to stop people from writing about him. I go over that extensively in the book. For me, that’s my specialty. When people are bullying the media, I like to step in because I’m not afraid. In his case, I was compelled by the whole rags-to-riches, immigrant-makes-good kind of story. I don’t think we’ve ever seen a comparable person, in terms of an immigrant succeeding in America. He’s done remarkably well in three very difficult fields – bodybuilding, movies, and politics. Never underestimate Arnold.:

Did you interview Schwarzenegger at all for this book?
“I never interview the main subject for my books, except for Michael Jackson, whom I did interview prior to the book coming out. I always speak to everyone around them, because I believe the main subject should have the right to write their own authorized book. I leave his account to him. Let’s not forget I pose undercover a lot as well.”

Did you learn anything about Schwarzenegger that shocked you?
“What shocked me the most are his thoughts on the Republican Party today. He said he believes it’s been hijacked by extremists and the religious right. He says he hates what’s happened to the Party. He also said he loves George Bush, Sr. but despises George W. Bush. He always asks “How George and Barbara could raise such an idiot.”

I know that Schwarzenegger has admitted to using steroids in the past. Did you uncover anything more in terms of that?
“First off, I gotta say he’s nothing like Roger Clemens or Barry Bonds, who hide behind closed doors or lie in front of the grand jury. Arnold comes clean, and is, at least to some extent, honest. What I did learn is that Arnold is a great businessman. He always wanted to be rich. What was shocking was that he was actually selling steroids to other bodybuilders to make a profit. He was no fool.”

What about in terms of the womanising/sexual assault rumours?
“In a nutshell, Arnold Schwarzenegger makes Tiger Woods look like the Virgin Mary, and I’m not kidding you. This guy has been a notorious sex addict, and finding women who’ll come out and admit to sleeping with him is like finding snow in Toronto in February. It ain’t too difficult.”

I forget – how many kids does Schwarzenegger have?
“Four. That we know of. [Laughs]”

Do you find it hard to maintain a good reputation? Or do a lot of people just think of you as a muckraker?
“People either love me or hate me. But I’m the first guy to say it … these people are sitting at home eating potato chips and criticizing me … if they can do it better, I’ll be the first guy on my feet clapping for them. I work extremely hard, and I’ve never had anything proven wrong in any of my work.”

You can read the rest of his interview here.


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