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Schoolmates Claim Justin Bieber Was a Bully

Say it isn’t so…..Justin Bieber a bully?   The teen icon donates money to a variety of causes to help others, but several people have come forward claiming that he bullied them.

OnReddit, one person wrote, “I was bullied by Justin Bieber back in 2006 while studying at Stratford Northwestern Public School. We did 7th grade. It didn’t bother me, I’m actually very happy to know that he’s famous because today he’s one of he most hated teenagers in the world.”

Another person claimed, “Justin Bieber used to play on my hockey team when he played at Stratford. He rarely passed and constantly called me a ‘homo or f*****’ when I didn’t pass to him. To keep it short, nobody here likes him.”

In addition, another example of Bieber’s less than polite behavior… according to yet another poster, happened as “My friend works at the Apple store in the richest mall in Atlanta and Justin Bieber came in to buy a laptop. When he brought it up to the counter, he just threw a wad of cash at her and told her to count it out herself. She threw it back at him and refused to ring him up until he acted more respectful.”

This can’t be the Justin Bieber we know?  Or maybe the Justin Bieber we have seen is a result of his PR people??  What do you think?


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