Scarlett Johansson Wants Ryan Reynolds Back


Oh the hindsight - and what a great sight that hind is, apparently Scarlett Johansson has decided she wants Ryan Reynolds back after realising that splitting up with him was all a big mistake.

Hmmm, no matter how much she pouts in her recent French Elle shoot, her ex would probably tell her that she's made her bed, let Sean Penn soil it, so can now lie in it on her own (we'd never be so fussy)....

According to Star, a 'source' (ie, someone who once read about her in a magazine) claims Johansson wants Reynolds back and has been calling incessantly trying to see or meet up with him or just to ask how he is. Apparently she’s even promising him babies in the hopes he’ll take her back.

Good plan - it's probably her babies (heads) he misses the most...


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