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Scarlett Johansson Starting All-Girl Band

Remember a few years back, when Scarlett Johansson did some music and some people said it was quite good? We didn't actually listen to it, but a lot of people did, and they liked it, so good for her, eh? She had a song nominated for an Oscar this year, too. Again, we didn't listen to it, but we're sure it's very good.

Anyway, she's gotten together with a bunch of other women and started a girl-band:

"I'm in the process of working on an all-girls band. We're called The One and Only Singles, we're kind of doing our go-go kinda thing."

The One and Only Singles? Rubbish name for a band. They blatantly should be called Vanity Project or The One and Only Scarlett Johansson and Some Other People Whose Names You'll Never Bother To Learn Even Though They're Probably Really Nice and Talented and That.

You can have that one for free, ScarJo.


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