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Scarlett Johansson Not as Upset as Ryan Reynolds over Divorce

It was just a matter of time before rumours started flying about the Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson split. According to US Weekly, an insider on Ryan’s latest flick, "The Green Lantern," came forward to say it was clear there were issues in the marriage during the film’s shoot.

The insider said of Ryan that he:

“would say that she treated him badly,” the insider explains. “It never seemed like she made him a priority.”

If this is true (and you always have to wonder about these things) she’s f***ing nuts! I would have made that hot sexiest man alive the number one priority. Even before food. And I love food a lot. Another pal goes on to say that Ryan "is beyond sad and depressed” but that Scarlett isn’t quite as bad off:

“She was disconnected and disaffected” about the split, the source says. “It was harsh."

Again, if this is true don’t you feel so bad for Ryan? She must have not been given the compassion gene. Even if she didn’t feel anything for him anymore, wouldn’t one feel bad for hurting someone that they once loved and who loved them back?

There was always something about her I didn’t care for, so in my twisted, warped brain I’m going to pretend this is true. She’s a biotch.


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