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'Scandal' Recap 2/21/13

Olivia has her date/meeting with Captain Ballard (Scott Foley) on Scandal. Olivia is trying to get information on “albatross”. Apparently that is the name given to a secret, person responsible for selling state secrets. PresidentGrant is still drinking to much and still trying to free the CIA hostages caught in Kashfar. He has a meeting with Ballard, apparently they are old friends. The President tasked Ballard with keeping tabs on Olivia, he gives Grant an update on the surveillance. Ballard doesn’t think Olivia is worth the effort, the President thinks otherwise. Ballard does have the decency to turn off the surveillance when Olivia is changing clothes or in the shower if that makes you feel better about him.

David Rosen is meeting with Olivia and the firm. He is concerned that someone has been following him, trying to see if he has the flash drive with the state secrets. Huck has the drive, but it will be days before he can get through the encryption. Huck will shadow Rosen. While waiting for Huck to finish checking out his car, David runs into Abby. They end up having sex on her desk (later on in his car also), so much for blaming her for his downfall. Huck finds no evidence of anyone following David. While leaving the school where he teaches, Rosen once again feels that someone is following him. When he turns a corner to confront whomever it is, he discovers a woman, who declares she knows who killed Wendy (the woman whose murder David was almost framed for).

Off to the firm they go. Molly apparently saw who killed Wendy, doesn’t know his name, but could recognize him if she saw him again. Huck has been having nightmares about being tortured. Those nightmares are leading him to avoid water. He won’t go out in the rain or take a shower. Lindsay confronts him about both problems.

The new client however is Senator Peter Caldwell. He is worried about his brother Will Caldwell. He is running for office in North Carolina but is losing ground because of the rumor that he is gay. When confronted about this Will denies being gay. Problem is he isn’t dating anyone, man or woman, and hasn’t for at least 10 years. He’s just not interested in dating. No one has ever been elected to office that is single. The solution, fake wife time. The firm finds a woman they think is good to go, but after she agree to the “political marriage”, Abby short circuits the plan by letting her know what she would be in for. She backs out. Plan B anyone? Things get even more complicated when President Grant agrees to become the keynote speaker at Caldwell’s fundraiser. The firm does however find yet another woman who agrees to marry Will Caldwell.


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