Odd: White Castle Scented Candles Sell Out in Less Than 48 Hours


Just two days after White Castle launched the sale of its steam-grilled-on-a-bed-of-onions-scented candles, the fast-food chain's online store www.houseofcrave.com received a record number of sales and officially sold out of the candles Tuesday evening.

"We're thrilled with the overwhelming customer response to our one-of-kind White Castle candle," said Jamie Richardson, vice president of corporate relations. "White Castle fans from around the country have responded so enthusiastically that our online inventory sold out in record time. Best of all, net proceeds from all candle sales will be donated to Autism Speaks."

Richardson said candles are still available at some White Castle restaurants, but they're selling fast. The candles, which are packaged in a ceramic holder that reproduces the signature cardboard sleeve of the White Castle hamburger packaging, will be available for sale again later this year around the holiday season.

"It's the ultimate gift for Castle lovers everywhere," Richardson added.

Candles were sold for $10 each to commemorate the 18th annual celebration of National Hamburger Month. White Castle teamed up with Laura Slatkin, founder of Nest Fragrances, often called the "queen" of home fragrances, to introduce a candle with scent of America's first fast-food hamburger. The idea for the candle was sparked when White Castle executives met Slatkin, who sits on the board of Autism Speaks.


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