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Jason Bateman Cuts in Line for iPhone, is Booed by Thousands

When yesterday started, Jason Bateman was still a regular guy we loved. Sure, he is on television and in movies, but with the exception of some times in a drug fueled 80's, he has been as down to earth as any celebrity ever. This morning, when people started lining up for the new iPhone, Jason was right there in line with all of his other 2,000 enthusiasts.

At some point, an Apple employee saw Jason standing in line, asked him if he wanted to cut in front of 2,000 people and Jason said yes. At that point, Jason made 2,000 enemies for life. He could have refused. Refusing has happened before. I seem to recall David Beckham and his kids waiting patiently in line for a video game and refusing the chance to move ahead.

At the same time, what would you do, if you are a celebrity or not and some employee says you can move to the front of the line. If your brother is the manager of the store, and says come to the front, are you going to refuse?

Probably not, but you are not going to end up in every tabloid either. Apparently the crowd booed and hissed, which is something Jason has probably never experienced, although when that movie with Jennifer Aniston comes out, there is a further chance for it.


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