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Saturday Night Live Destroys ‘Fox and Friends’ (Video)

The Saturday Night Live crew has always been great when mocking Fox News’ Fox and Friends, but they took it to a whole new level this weekend.

In response to Fox News' generally dismissive attitude regarding the coming out of NBA player Jason Collins, SNL had their version of the Fox and Friends cast reveal embarrassing personal secrets and wonder if that made them heroes as well.

“I mean, why does telling embarrassing personal secrets make you a hero?” asked Steve Doocey. “Hey, everybody, I prefer Asian ladies, I’m a hero!”

Not to be outdone, Gretchen Carlson revealed her big secret: “Hey, I use prescription deodorant on my entire body. I mean, give me a medal!”

“I practice French kissing on my own hand,” offered Brian Kilmeade.

You can check out the entire bit in the video below.

Source: NBC


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