Is Sarah Palin Against Bristol Dating Black Actor Kyle Massey?

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There are all kinds of stories today about how Sarah Palin is really upset that Bristol Palin is dating Kyle Massey. My question is why. The guy is a great guy who has never had issues with the law and if Disney could bottle him up and make every Disney star like him they would. He is fun and charming and keeps himself out of the headlines. He loves his family and has a steady job, albeit reality television, so you know, how long could that last? Hmm, well if Tori and Dean have made it this long then I guess anyone can make it forever.

I think the reason Sarah Palin does not like Kyle Massey is because he is black. Yep. I said it. Sarah wants to run for President. Do you know how you do that? You have to win the primaries and the vast majority of the people who vote in the primaries are your die hard Republicans. The same ones who are never going to vote for a woman who allows her daughter to live with a black man.

Sarah prefers the woman who just married her son. White as snow and the daughter of a minister. Despite the fact I am pretty sure she is pregnant, Sarah still loves her.


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