Santa Claus Taken Away in Police Riot Van, Children Cry (Video)


A Santa Claus was taken away in a police riot van in Aberdale, Wales, during a Christmas parade last Saturday.

While stunned children cried, the woman filming the incident laughed (video below).

According to, an unidentified person shouted, "Santa's being arrested!" as Father Christmas stood outside the police van.

“There were a lot tears," witness Jade Hughes told the South Wales Evening Post. "People couldn’t believe it actually happened. My four-year-old cousin started crying saying, 'Santa can’t bring me toys now.'”

“Santa was there with the reindeer waving in his sleigh," recalled Hughes. "Really nice. Then the police van reversed, the side door was opened. He got up, walked to the van, jumped in and took off. Children started crying while some just looked on in disbelief. It was a fab event until then.”

In response to the outcry and shock, a South Wales Police spokesman issued a statement: "Santa obviously has a busy month ahead, so when he asked if we could provide transport at the end of his sleigh ride through Aberdare town centre to help him get back to the North Pole, we were happy to oblige."

Sources:, South Wales Evening Post


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