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Sandra Bullock Preps Divorce Papers; Jesse James Leaves Rehab

More reports Monday that point to the end of the Sandra Bullock-Jesse James marriage. says Bullock has prepared divorce papers.

"Her attitude toward Jesse hasn’t softened since she found out he was cheating on her,” a source told the website. “She’s been betrayed and cheated on and she’s not getting over that.”

Now it's just a matter of making it official. writes:

The question is: when will she file them? Right now she’s given no indication to anyone in her inner circle about when she’ll file.

She’s not even talking in depth about the papers to people close to her, the source said. “Right now she’s very closed,” the source told “After everything she’s been through, who can blame her.”

The site also reports the couple had a prenuptial agreement that pays James exactly zero dollars if the marriage ends because of infidelity. A source says Bullock protected her fortune "extremely well."

“If she divorces Jesse and proves he was cheating, which won’t be hard, Sandra won’t have to pay Jesse anything,” said the source.

Despite that, a friend said, “Sandra is not thinking about the money. ... She’s just trying to deal with this mess."

And one more development from It is reporting that James stormed out of rehab over the past few days, angry that Bullock refused to take his phone calls.

James entered the Sierra Tucson sex rehab clinic in Arizona last week in an attempt to get help and win Bullock back. But he "snapped" when Bullock refused to talk to him. He's said to be staying with a friend.

Star magazine speculated that a moving van spotted outside the couple's home may have also played a role in James leaving the treatment center. Movers were spotted Friday hauling away a couch, love seat and "a ton" of boxes, TMZ reported.

James is due back at rehab at some point.

“He’s told people he’s going back in,” the source told the site. “But right now it’s impossible to predict what he’ll do next.”


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